Style is something that takes time to evolve in ones wardrobe and its never to late to begin.But there are some elements which cannot be skipped  while shopping.I would call them the prerequisites in a mans wardrobe. The things one cant do without, which just gives a man some structure to built on over time. its like making a good investment. these are building blocks through which you can built your personal style.

Top Wear

1. T-Shirts – Lets start with the basics. Every guy must and should own a good quality pair of denims. Denims are something one can experiment on as the styles ans silhouette change over time.

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2. White Shirt – when worn right with a great fit, a white shirt does make a man look sophisticated and classy.

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3. Slim Fit Shirt- if you want to dress smart for  formal party or a business meeting. A slender physique will be the best to carry this fit.



Bottom Wear


1.Denims – A man must and should owe a good quality pair of denims. Denims are something one can experiment on as the styles and silhouette change over time.


2.Chinos- Wearing  denims all the time might leave you bored. well a pair of chinos might just work.They work in all seasons and wont leave you disappointed. You may bank on colors like Mustard, Beige, Navy Blue and Black.






1. Loafers – team them up with your denims or chinos. loafers are your shoes which could be worn for a afternoon lunch or a more relaxed day. You could have them in various colours but a tan brown loafer is the best to save the occasion

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2. Leather shoes – Mandatory for a suit and any formal setting. They come in two shapes, Pointed front and Squared front . The choose you make depends on the silhouette of the trouser.


3. Belts – A classic belt is  key component to be worn at a formal event with a suit. Match your belt with the shoe colour your wearing


4. Watch- Selection of a wrist watch depends on the size of the wrist, the outfit your paring up with also the belt of the watch whether it s metallic or leather.


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