As the New Year is approaching its time to rock the party floors and walk around as the best looker. Whether a Boy, or a Girl, you need to follow few simple rules “keep yourself groomed”. It includes looking good and smelling awesome. A little effort is required though for your hair, skincare and don’t forget your breath!

“Remember a groomed personality makes the best impression”

For Guys:

If you wanna get the street style get yourself a pair of sexy denims, a t-shirt and a over jacket teamed up with glazed or textured shoes.
Untitled-1 Its Party Time: Dress the right way Untitled 1

Go for a complex print or a simple one, nothing can go wrong with a printed t-shirt for a party

jacket Its Party Time: Dress the right way jacket

A jacket enhances your t-shirt’s attire and creates a statement on a whole different level.  Don’t ignore it.

shoes Its Party Time: Dress the right way shoes

From Patent to Gloss, From Canvas to PVC, or an absolute lethal addiction! go with the party groove.

Note: Avoid fabrics in which makes you sweat.

For Girls:

Not necessary club outfits need to be snug fits, you may do just well with a loose shift in sequence and keep your accessories minimal.

tops Its Party Time: Dress the right way tops

Pick your dress wisely. A lot of bling can take the charm.

high heels Its Party Time: Dress the right way high heels

“At last feeling confident and comfortable is always important”

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