Dealing with the small apartment problem? Cling on to this list of this clever space saving solutions

Firstly, ensure that your sleeping space is clam and restful, by tucking away all the stuff that tends to gather in a bedroomtabl1. Mount your night stand on the wall for a small bedroom. It will help free up the space of a night stand

2. You could have a wall shelf besides or on top of your bed to stock miscellaneous item.

3. For greater storage, have hanging shelf’s that run the length of the room, you’ll tend not losing the ground area of the flat.


4. A French window makes the room appear larger

5. In case the flat is lacking in closet space, wardrobes flanking the bed can be an absolute solution. It gives a built-in look by just placing the wardrobes on either side of the bed

6.Usage of gauzy curtains in layering shades will make the room appear cozy and not bulky

7.Coloring the room in simple colors will make it appear more restful and calming








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